How Do I Begin My Search For The Right Assisted Living Solution?

You want to know, “How Do I Begin My Search For The Right Assisted Living Solution?” You are most definitely not alone.

Beginning your search for the right assisted living solution can be a major undertaking, but it doesn’t have to be scary. You want to find a place where your loved one will be happy, safe, and receive customized care as they get older. But how do you find that perfect assisted living solution? How can you be certain that it’s a good fit for your loved one? With so many things to factor into your decision, it’s difficult to know where to begin your search. But all of this doesn’t have to be scary.

The key to looking for the right assisted living solution is to start early, much before the move. Starting your search early gives you sufficient time to explore all available options and make the right choice instead of being rushed into making a decision and regretting it.

Use these tips to help you cut through the overwhelm and make your search for the right assisted living solution much easier.

1. Determine Your Loved One’s Preferences & Care Needs

This really is the most important first step. You can’t know what to look for unless you first know what you need. Every assisted living community is set up completely differently in every aspect. The level of care offered, medical services, recreational facilities and meal options vary considerably from one facility to another. Determining your loved one’s care needs before you start looking around will help make your search more targeted.

Is your loved one completely independent or do they need some assistance? What do they need help with? Are they in good health or do they have some underlying medical condition that requires regular checkups? These are just some of the things to consider when determining care needs.

2. Make A List Of Non-Negotiables

Maybe your loved one has a pet that they’d like to take with them when they move. Or maybe your loved one is a strict vegan or has some other dietary restriction. These non-negotiables play a major role in defining your choices. Right at the outset you can strike off facilities that don’t offer items that made it to your list of non-negotiables. This will help narrow down your search some more.

3. Establish A Budget

Costs vary significantly between assisted living facilities. Be realistic when calculating how much you can afford to spend every month and don’t forget to factor in a potential increase in medical costs in later years.

Take time to explore financial resources that are available such as long-term care insurance. If your loved one is a veteran or a surviving spouse, they may qualify for Aid & Attendance. Find out the criteria for availing of the different types of financial aid available. If your loved one qualifies for any type of financial assistance, it will help defray the costs and increase your budget.

4. Start Visiting Websites

Once you know what you need, it’s time to start exploring senior communities to determine what each one offers. Do a search online and browse through each of the aged care websites that come up in the search. Shortlist only those that are a good fit in terms of care needs and budget. These are the facilities that you will want to look at more closely.

5. Schedule A Tour Of The Facilities

A tour of the facilities will give you a first-person look and feel of the facility. That’s something that no website can do. Make a list of questions to ask before your tour. During your visit, pay special attention to the safety features around the premises, cleanliness, interaction between the staff and residents, medical facilities, meals, and recreation options.

Does this look like a place your loved one would be happy to live in? Do the staff look like they really care for the residents and do the residents look happy and cheerful? The answers to these questions will influence your decision.

In-person visits to all the short-listed facilities will help you make more accurate comparisons and ultimately choose the right assisted living solution for your loved one.

Now that you know how to get started searching for the right assisted living solution for yourself or a loved one, start your search right here at Aging Community.