Top 6 Questions To Ask When Touring Assisted Living Facilities

Touring an assisted living facility allows you to get a first-hand look at the layout and maintenance of the premises. However, there are some things that cannot be gleaned just by looking around. Consider these top 6 questions to ask when touring assisted living facilities near you. 1. What Level Of Care Do You Offer Residents? Every individual ages differently… Read more »

20 Assisted Living Amenities You Can’t Do Without

A lot of thought and care goes into designing assisted living facilities, including assisted living amenities. Safety, comfort, and quality of life are the three most important factors that are taken into consideration when designing the layout of the premises and the amenities offered. While every assisted living community may be designed differently to cater to different needs, some assisted… Read more »

8 Senior Care Options You Need To Know About

Here are 8 senior care options you need to know about. Each type offers slightly different facilities to meet the varied needs of seniors. Understanding the features and differences between the different types of senior care options is critical for choosing the right one. Independent Living Community Also known as: Senior Housing, Retirement Home, Retirement Community, or Senior Apartments What… Read more »